I'm Too Near Home


Photos / Bios

Donnie Miller

Upright Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Our patriarch Donnie is the father and founder of our group. He put his vision and faith into action by gathering two other Deacons to his home to work on some songs.  His steady hand has been the strength and foundation needed to move the group forward over the past 20 years.

Madison McCorkle


Madison is our lead singer.  Her powerful, award-winning vocal style is the driving force of the group.  Madison began singing in church at an early age.  Her interest in music grew into a desire to sing with her father in the group.

Hubert Furr

Guitar and Harmony Vocals

When Hubert retired from his long-time ministry as a Church Music Director, The Strings put him right back to work as a guitarist.  His experience and wisdom combined with his musical talent are a big part of the group's ministry.

Jeff McCorkle

Banjo, Guitar, Resonator, Harmony Vocals

Jeff is one of the original members of the group when it was founded in 2004.  He is the band leader and manages the day to day operations.  His loves to drive the songs along with his crisp banjo style and sing with his daughter.