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Photos / Bios

Donnie Miller

Upright Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Our patriarch Donnie is the father and founder of our group. He put his vision and faith into action by gathering two other Deacons to his home to work on some songs.  An accomplished guitar and bass player, his solid vocals carried the group for many years. Donnie wrote most of the Strings of Victory’s original songs. In addition to his musical abilities, Donnie has an unwavering dedication to the gospel. His steady guiding hand has been a comforting influence to the rest of the group for sixteen years.

“Growing from a group of Deacons singing at church, to a gospel group called the Strings of Victory, has been a tremendous journey. Serving God by serving others; using the talents our Lord provides and being available for each opportunity when He calls, have changed over my years; with each move challenging my comfort zone. I have always believed serving God is serious business and not to be taken lightly wherever He places me. Yet in this I find such joy and fellowship with those we minister to, praising God and watching the Lord work in the hearts of people.” – Donnie

Madison McCorkle

Lead Vocals
Madison is an award winning vocalist. She has been very successful in Christian Music locally and placed 5th in the nation in Word of Life's Teens Involved vocal competition. Madison brings a positive, upbeat attitude to the group and always wins over the hearts of every audience with her soulful lead singing. She is a professional photographer and uses those talents for the group as well.

"It's always a blessing to go and sing with my dad and 'The Strings' and I have never been disappointed by the kinds of people we meet. Everywhere we go there are Godly, loving, and warm people in the crowds that just love to talk to us and share things with us. That is an experience I will always carry with me!" -Madison

Hubert Furr

Guitar, Vocals
Hubert joined the group in 2012 taking over rhythm guitar duties as Donnie switched to bass. Hubert sings all parts and sometimes shares mandolin duties when Aaron switches to guitar. Hubert came to us after retiring from 33 years as Minister of Music serving several Baptist churches. His experience helps us better understand how to serve local churches.

"We always have a good time together and meet the most interesting people. God has blessed us with talents and the opportunity to praise Him in song. Every place we have played has been a special event and we presented the Gospel joyously. When you meet the members of the group, you find just ordinary folks who love the Lord. We are truly BLESSED." -Hubert

Jeff McCorkle

Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Band leader, Jeff is one of the original members of the group. His unique banjo picking gives the instrumental side of the music it’s drive. When he’s not handling the various aspects of the bands business, Jeff hosts jam sessions and does one-on-one instruction in his replica of an old General Store called the Five and String.

“I am amazed at the blessings: Like traveling in ministry with Godly men like Donnie Miller and Hubert Furr; seeing my own daughter Madison bless hearts as she belts out the words to old familiar hymns; meeting many great people along the way and seeing our friends and family support us so, so well. What a blessing! God has called us to the ministry of delivering “Music with a Message”. We hope the gospel message comes through loud and clear (and on key) in all that we do. To God be the Glory.” -Jeff